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 The Sexy Beast was conceived out of a passion for the love of fashion and opportunity. Loving oneself is often the hardest part of being. The owners of The Sexy Beast strive to include all walks of life in our mission. Giving happiness to all shapes, sizes, and heights. By letting one know that being sexy is a lifestyle as opposed to something that should be feared. Giving strength and confidence to our customers is the driving force behind every decision made at The Sexy Beast. 


Giving unique options for lingerie and a clear and simple way for our customers to order without being hassled or judged for what they choose to wear. Mainly taking care of our customers is our first priority. Giving them the attention they deserve. Come be a part of the joy and happiness. Always Remember  to Stay Sexy...


Word of Mouth

There is such a great selection. Sometimes it hard to find clothes the fit me correct. They were great!

I will never shop anywhere else for my lingerie. The quality of the clothes really made it worth it. Thanks again!

Being able to order online and securely really made my experience with The Sexy Beast extremely pleasing. 

- Lily Samuels - 

- Sasha Michaels - 

- Marina Hills -